California Cannabis Hemp Heritage Act 2020

The solution to fix the complications caused by Prop. 64's impeding of the cannabis market, through its high taxes and licensing fees, and the diminishing access to medical cannabis.

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Jack Herer has worked on this initiative measure since the 1980's

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CHHA2020 is The Solution to AUMA/Prop 64.

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Our mission


Our mission is to raise the bar of Cannabis Hemp legalization in California by empowering personal use and shaping this growing industry with equitable regulations. A successful cannabis industry must be built on a foundation of fair and equal access which assures a diverse and healthy marketplace. CHHA2020 will achieve this aim by guaranteeing the right to personal grows, protecting second amendment rights, freeing a greater number of non-violent Cannabis prisoners, and limiting both taxes and licensing fees.

Our goal


Our goal is to qualify the Cannabis Hemp Heritage Act of 2020, get it passed, and set a new international standard of Cannabis legalization. This will guarantee the finest and most vibrant Cannabis community and marketplace in the world and greatly enhance being a California citizen. CHHA2020 increases access to the Cannabis marketplace, resulting in a greater amount of tax revenue for our state without overburdening small businesses.

Where the taxes go


Half of the taxes generated by increasing access to the Cannabis marketplace go to the General Fund. The other half go into Research and Development which will immediately place California at the forefront of the current global "Green Rush" that spans everything from a multitude of advanced therapeutic and nutritional applications, space-age materials, as well as fuel, textiles, and more. Currently, the Control, Tax & Regulate the Adult Use of Marijuana Act allocates half of taxes raised to enforcement which has stifled the industry.