Where do I register to vote?

You can register to vote here. The deadline to register or re-register to vote on the General Election November 3, 2020, is October 19, 2020, 11:59:59 p.m. Pacific Time.

There are two similar petitions. Can I sign both?

Yes, you may sign both initiatives while either is circulating; however, be sure to sign either or both only once.

Can I print and sign the petition?

You may print, sign, and even collect signatures on the petition ONLY if you are a VALID CA registered voter. If you are not registered to vote at your current address, you can register to vote here.

The link to the petition will be available October 25, 2019, once the Attorney General issues the circulating title and summary for CHHA2020 (19-0011).

How long will the petitions be circulated?

We begin collecting signatures on or around October 24, 2019 - April 20, 2020. We have 180 days to collect 623,212 signatures from valid CA registered voters.

What happens if the CHHA2020 qualifies for the ballot?

If and when the Cannabis Hemp Heritage Act 2020 qualifies for the General Election ballot, our campaign will then direct all of our efforts on getting the word out to registered voters across the state, along with continuing to register or re-register voters.

If CHHA2020 qualifies for the ballot and gets passed on November 2, 2020, will it repeal AUMA / Proposition 64?

If the people of CA pass the CHHA2020, it will not completely repeal or undo all the groundwork that has been laid post AUMA / Prop 64; however, it will counteract and nullify the unreasonable bureaucratic overreach it has inflicted upon the industry and citizenry.

For example, currently under Proposition 64, the only individuals that are eligible for expungement of records are adults (21+) that have a charge of possessing, processing, transporting, purchasing, obtaining, or giving away to adults 1 ounce (28.5 grams) or less of cannabis, 4 grams or less of concentrates, 6 or less living marijuana plants and the marijuana produced by those plants, smoking or ingesting marijuana products, and/or possessing, transporting, purchasing, obtaining, using, manufacturing, or giving away marijuana accessories to another adult.

What is different between the two Jack Herer Initiatives?

The Cannabis Hemp Heritage Act 2020 outlines second amendment protections for cannabis consumers, unlike CCHI 2020.

How can I help?

There are a variety of ways that you can help out with the campaign, you can volunteer here.